Online Store Order Management

How to manage your Orders:

1. Navigate to the  Store icon in the left sidebar.

2. Select  Orders from the sidebar menu.

3. Go to any tab with orders. Orders are categorized by fulfillment status.

4. In the  Orders pop-up, you can see the list of orders for processing

Mass Updating Orders

To mass update orders in bulk, select orders by checkboxes (above the orders, fields with the number of selected orders and options will appear):

Export Orders

To export orders:

  • Click the Export All button
  • Select orders by checkboxes and click the Export Selected button

This will display the modal window with export orders settings:

Sorting orders

  1. Clicks on the Paid dropdown to view sorting payment options:

  • Paid
  • Awaiting Payment
  • Canceled
  • Refunded
  • Partially Refunded

2. Select the Awaiting Processing dropdown to view sorting processing options:

  • Awaiting Processing
  • Processing
  • Shipped
  • Delivered
  • Will Not Delivered
  • Returned

Printing order

To print the selected order, click on the  Print Invoice button

If you need to print several invoices at once, click on the checkboxes of the required orders, and click the  Print Selected button at the bottom:

Updating order

To update the selected order, click on the  Update Order dropdown:

Select the required action in the dropdown menu:

  • View order:

  • Update Status:

  • Mark as Shipped: