RSS Blog Generator

An RSS feed is an XML file associated with your website that contains your latest content. This file is automatically updated whenever you add new content. RSS feeds allow news aggregators, feed readers, email subscriptions, and podcast lists to access your latest content.

Please Note: RSS feeds can only display up to 30 of the most recent blog posts.


RSS file is generated automatically. To find the file on your website:

  • Select Blog on the left sidebar of the Site Editor:

  • Click the Settings icon:

  • You will find the RSS .xml file for your Blog in the RSS section:

Adding RSS Button

You can add the RSS button to your website via the Social Buttons feature:

  • Click Build on the left sidebar of the Site Editor:

  • In the Features tab, find Social:

  • Drag and drop the Social Buttons feature into a preferred block:

  • Hover over the Social Buttons to display the Edit button:

  • In the Layout tab, click Add Social Network:

  • In the Add Social Network pop-up, select RSS:

  • The selected button will immediately appear on the website page and the Social Networks list in the Layout tab.