Site Backups

With  Site Backups, you can create backups of all pages and their content to protect your website from mistakes or data corruption.

Create/View Backups

To create a  Site Backup:

1. Click on the  Backups icon in the header:

2. Click the  Create Backup button:

Please Note: The maximum number of Backups you can create is 3. Upon reaching the limit, you will need to delete one of the previous Backups to create a new one.

Restore/Delete Backups

To restore a  Backup:

1. Select the date of the required  Backup:

2. In the  Site Preview mode, click the Restore Backup button at the bottom right:

3. Confirm your decision by clicking  Yes on the pop-up:

Please Note: Add-ons (e.g. Store, Blog) are independent and can't have backups. This means Add-ons always correspond to the current state of the project.

For example, if the current version of the project has an Add-on activated, it will show in the backup preview and will remain unchanged after restoring.

If the current version of the project doesn't contain a certain Add-on (but it was active at the moment of backup creation), it will not show in the backup preview and will not be restored along with the project.

To delete a Backup:

1. Click the Delete Backup button at the bottom right:

2. Confirm your decision by clicking Yes, Delete on the pop-up:

Automatic Backups

An automatic  Backup is made in the Site Builder 1 hour after the last change. After applying new changes, the backup countdown starts from the beginning.

To view the automatic-saved  Backup Preview:

1. Click on the  Backups icon in the header:

2. Select the date of the required Backup:

3. Сlick the current backup date at the bottom:

4. Сlick the automatic backup date:

Last Published Backups

Last Published Backup is automatically created upon each project publishing. As a result, the latest published version of the website is saved.

To view the automatic-saved  Last Published Backup:

1. Click on the Backups icon in the header:

2. Select the required Backup in the  Last Published Backup category:

3. Or select the  Last Published Backup in the preview mode at the bottom: