HTML Injection Feature

The HTML Injection Feature allows you to add a specific HTML code into <head> or </body> sections.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee compatibility with your custom or third party code. Please be aware that adding custom and third party code can adversely affect your entire website. We suggest using this feature only if you have coding experience. Third party or custom code can be highly unpredictable. We’re unable to support or troubleshoot any issues related to code that you add to your website.

Adding HTML Code

To add a custom code:

  • Click Settings on the left sidebar of the Site Editor:

  • Select HTML Injection:

  • To edit the <head> HTML code, click Edit on the the top-right of the Head HTML title:

  • To edit the </body> HTML code, click Edit on the the top-right of the BODY END HTML title:

  • Click Save after you finished editing:

  • Click Publish to apply changes to the live site: