Onboarding Tour

The Onboarding Tour is launched automatically on every new project. The functionality helps to receive a guided introduction to the main platform components via tooltips with videos and descriptions.

Getting Started

The functionality shows introductory pop-ups that will enhance understanding of the Site Editor's core elements:

  • Follow the directions by clicking Next or move through the dots located in the bottom-left of the pop-up:

  • You can also close the tour by clicking [X] in the top-right of the pop-up:

Please Note: You can always access/re-take the tour in the Help Center. Click the [?] button at the top-right:

Then, hover over the Tutorials tab:

There you can start the Onboarding Tour:

Features and Blocks Tooltips

  • Hover over the left sidebar of the Site Editor and click Build:

  • Hover over any feature and click on the information icon [i] that appears:

  • A pop-up with detailed information will appear:

Pages Tooltips

  • Select Pages on the left sidebar of the Site Editor:

  • –°lick on the information icon [i] located on the top-right of the title:

  • For detailed information, click the Learn More button:

  • A pop-up with a detailed tutorial will appear at the bottom of the page: