How to Enable/Disable Schedule (Website+Marketing Subscription)

Please Note: The Schedule functionality will be automatically added to all newly created projects for Website+Marketing Subscription. The functionality will be available for the projects created via Web AISite Wizard, and manually from Template Gallery.The Schedule can be disconnected from a particular project via Site Builder settings. The other projects within this subscription or the Schedule itself will remain unchanged.

Enabling the Schedule Functionality

Follow these steps to enable the Schedule:

  • In the Site Editor, hover over the left sidebar and click Schedule:

  • Enable the feature by clicking the Enable Schedule button:

  • A blank Booking Page will be created. It will remain empty until you add new booking events:

Disabling the Schedule Functionality

To disable the Schedule Functionality:

  • On the left sidebar of the Site Editor, select Settings:

  • Choose Advanced in the settings items list:

  • Select Disconnect Schedule in the list:

  • Click Disconnect:

  • Confirm by clicking Yes on the pop-up: