Catalog Feature

Please note: Depending on your subscription plan, the Booking features may be unavailable for your project. Only subscriptions that include MySchedulr integration will have Booking functionality.

The Catalog Feature allows you to put a catalog on the page and select a category to display:

Please Note:There is a limit of one Catalog Feature per page.

To enable the Catalog Feature:

  • Hover over the Catalog Feature feature and click Edit
  • In the toolbar, you will be able to configure Service Settings:


Layout settings of the Catalog Feature include the following items:

  • Category. Select the category to display from the drop-down:

  • Services Per Row. Use Slider to set the number of products in the row:

  • Total Rows. Select the number of rows that will be presented in the catalog:

  • Margin. Set the outer spacing for the catalog:

  • Services Spacing. Set the spacing between items in the Catalog grid (inner spacing):


The View settings allow configuring the following options:

  • Image Shape. Allows changing the image shape:
  1. Circle
  2. Square

  • Switches. Configure what data will be displayed on the product cards:
  1. Image
  2. Service name
  3. Short description
  4. Description
  5. Price
  6. Duration

Button Settings

The Button settings include several options:

  • Button Text. Specify the text that will appear on the Button:
  • Full Width. Turn on the toggle to stretch the Button for the entire available width of the card:


  • Catalog Background. Set the background color of the catalog by clicking the Color square.
  • Catalog Border. Adjust the color and size of the Border around the catalog:

  • Card Background. Set the background color of the service card by clicking the Color square.
  • Card Border. Adjust the color and size of the Border around the service card:

  • Hover Effects. Set the effect for hovering over the service card. The following options are available:
  1. Highlight Border;
  2. Highlight Background;
  3. Highlight Shadow;
  4. Scale;
  5. Shine;
  6. Grayscale;
  7. Sepia;
  8. Blur.

Please Note: No effects are applied if the toggle is turned off.