Schedule Page Settings

Please note: Depending on your subscription plan, the Booking functionality may be unavailable for your project. Only subscriptions that include MySchedulr integration will have Booking functionality.

  • In the Pages panel of the Site Editor, click the Gear icon next to the Booking to open the Booking Page Settings.

  • Page Settings sidebar appears on the left side of the Editor:


Use the Page tab to:

  • Edit or change the page name.
  • Customize URLs.
  • Hide pages.


Navigate to the SEO tab, and add:

  • Title.
  • Description.
  • Social share image.

Select to show/hide a website page in search results:


  • Manage Layout Page settings on the Layout tab:
  • Select and modify the desired format of your Booking page:


All services are placed in a column in this format, and service information is placed below the picture.


In this format: 

  • All services are placed in a line.
  • Service information is on the right side of the picture.

  • Total Rows. Allows setting how many rows will be presented on the page.
  • Services Per Row (available only for Grid). Specifies how many items will be placed in one line.
  • Margin. Sets the margin for the catalog.
  • Services Spacing. Changes the spacing between service cards.

  • Compact (available only for List). Changes the card's appearance and places a button under the rest of the information.

  • Divider (available only for List). Adds and changes a divider between cards.


  • Categories. When enabled, this setting will show a drop-down list of categories on the Booking Page. It also allows you to select the desired category to display by default.


Manage View Page settings on the View tab.

  • Set the Image shape from the drop-down list.

1. Circle:

2. Square:

  • Set the Aspect Ratio from the drop-down list (available only for Square):
  1. 2:3 Standard
  2. 3:4 Three-four
  3. 1:1 Square
  4. 4:3 Four-three
  5. 3:2 Standard
  • Image. Show image:

  • Service Name. Shows title Service Name:

  • Short Description. Shows service short description information:

  • Description. Shows service description information:

  • Price. Shows service price information:

  • Duration. Shows duration information:

  • Button. Set the name of the button:

  • Full width. Switch the Full-Width toggle on to stretch the Button across the entire width of the service card (available only for Grid type of layout).


Manage Design Page settings on the Design tab.

  • Catalog Background. Sets the catalog's Background Color.
  • Catalog Border. Adjusts the color and size of the Border

  • Card Background. Set the background color of the service card by clicking the Color square.
  • Card Border. Adjust the color and size of the Border around the service card:

  • Hover Effects. Set the effect for hovering over the service card. The following options are available:
  1. Highlight Border;
  2. Highlight Background;
  3. Highlight Shadow;
  4. Scale;
  5. Shine;
  6. Grayscale;
  7. Sepia;
  8. Blur.

Please Note: No effects are applied if the toggle is turned off.