How to Enable/Disable Schedule (Ecommerce Subscription)

Please Note: The Schedule functionality will be automatically added to all newly created projects for Ecommerce subscription. The functionality will be available for the projects created via Web AISite Wizard, and manually from Template Gallery.The Schedule can be disconnected from a particular project via Site Builder settings. The other projects within this subscription or the Schedule itself will remain unchanged.

Enabling Schedule and Store

In the eCommerce subscription, Schedule is bundled with the Online Store. Thus, both features can be enabled/disabled together. Follow these steps to enable Schedule and Online Store:

  •  In the Site Editor, hover over the left sidebar and click Store:

  • Enable the feature by clicking the Enable Store button:

  •  The Booking and Store pages will be added to the project:

Disabling Schedule and Store

To disable  Schedule and Store:

  • On the left sidebar of the Site Editor, select Settings:

  • Сlick Advanced in the settings items list: 

  • Select Disconnect Store in the list:

  • Click the Disconnect button:

  • Confirm by clicking Yes on the pop-up: