Adding Anchor to the Navigation Menu

What is an Anchor?

You can use the Anchor tool to connect blocks to the items in the Navigation menu. Visitors will be redirected to a specific block on your website by choosing the menu option connected to Anchor.

Add Anchor

Items in the Navigation Menu can be linked to Blocks on your website. To add an Anchor to the Navigation Menu:

  • Hover over the left sidebar of the Site Editor and select Pages:

  • Click Add in the top-right of the Pages panel:

  • Select Anchor:

  • Change the Anchor name:

  • Specify the Page and Anchor for the selected block:

Please Note: You cannot select Pages that contain no Blocks.

  • An Anchor page will immediately appear in the Navigation Menu and the Menu section in Pages:

  • You will go to the selected block when you click on the Anchor link in the Navigation Menu.

    Please Note: The Anchor feature is available only for websites with the Navigation Menu block. You may need to manually add the Navigation Menu block to the Header to show the added Anchors.