Please refer to the video on How to Connect Domain to Website Builder ( 

Once your domain is set up in the Account Manager, you can return to the Site Editor and hit the Publish button to go online:

  • The pop-up with publishing steps will appear:

  • Select the domain for publishing in the drop-down:

  •   The publishing process can take up to several minutes. Alternatively, you can select Continue Editing on the appeared pop-up:

  • When your project is published, it will appear in the Published Site section. Click the domain name to open your site:

Please Note: Only one project can be published to a domain at a time. If you want to publish a different project, you need to unpublish the current one. If you would like to publish the project to a different domain, please unpublish it and then click Publish to select a different domain from the drop-down.

  • To unpublish the website, click on the drop-down to the right of the Publish button and select Unpublish:

  • Confirm by clicking Yes:

Purchasing a Custom Domain

You can purchase a custom domain name in the Site Editor. When you publish your website on a free domain, a suggestion to buy a custom domain name will appear in the publishing pop-up. 

To find your new domain name:

  • Select Search for Custom Domain in the publishing pop-up:

  • Enter the domain name you would like to use in the search bar and click Search Domain:

  • You will be redirected to the Checkout Page to finish the purchase:

Once the purchase is completed, the new domain name will be automatically added to the project:

Please Note: You will need to publish your website to apply the new custom domain name.