Blog Page Settings in Mobile Editor

After editing the post, you can edit the Blog Page Settings:

  • Navigate to Pages:

  • Find Blog, and click the Settings button on the right:

  • Page Settings sidebar will appear:

Page Tab

  • Edit or change the page name:

  • Customize URL:

  • The URL will appear in your browser:

Blog Formats

Select and modify the desired format of your blog page:

  • Feed. The Feed format allows displaying posts on the blog page one by one.

Please Note: The Preview or Cover Photo functionality in the Blog Pages Settings is disabled by default and does not work with the Feed format.

  • Grid. The Grid format includes the following Grid Style Settings: Standard and Card. 

  • List. In the List format, all posts are placed in line, and information about the post is on the picture's right.


Use the SEO tab to add a TitleDescription, and Social Share Image to your post: