Cookie Notice in Mobile Editor

Cookie Notification banner will appear for all first-time visitors to your website. To comply with the GDPR, you must inform your visitors of your use of cookies and obtain their consent for cookie usage.

Please Note: If your business is based in the EU or targeted towards EU citizens, the cookie notice banner will be displayed permanently without an option to turn it off.

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR regulates personal data collection, storage, and use across the European Union (EU). It also covers some activities outside the EU. As well as promoting personal data protection, the GDPR harmonizes the standards of protection that apply in EU member states. It came into force on 25 May 2018.

The Cookie Notice banner usually appears at the bottom of the website:

Adding the Cookie Notice

Follow the next steps to enable the Cookie Notice in the Mobile Editor: 

  • Go to More in the bottom menu:

  • Select Settings:

  • Click the Legal button to open the Settings Menu:

  • Enable the Cookie Banner by switching the toggle:

Modifying Cookie Notice Banner Text and the Banner Theme 

  • Use the Banner Text area to edit the message of the Cookie Notice:

  • Click Reset to return to the default message:

  • Use a dropdown to switch between the Light and Dark banner theme:

When all your settings are done and the website is published, visitors can manage the cookie settings by switching the On/Off toggle before accepting it:

To find complete information about using Cookies, click Read About How We Use Cookies: