Blocks Management in Mobile Editor

A block is a ready-made section of a website layout, such as a BannerFooterPricing, or Contacts section, which you can use to build your website. Follow these steps to manage features in Mobile Editor.

Adding Blocks

  • You can access the library of ready-made blocks by clicking Build:

  • Switch to the Blocks tab:

  • Select the block section in the Blocks library of the Site Builder:

  • Choose the required block and click on it:

The selected block will be added at the top of the page:

Moving Blocks

To move a block, click on it:

  • Click Move in the bottom floating toolbar that appears:

  • In the modal window, click on the arrow to move the block up or down:

  • Close the modal window after the block has been moved:

  • Changes will be applied immediately:

Resizing Blocks

To resize a block, click on it and click the resizing control that appears at the very bottom of the block:

Then drag the resizing control upwards or downwards to resize the block. The resizing control displays the height of the padding on either side of the block, upper or lower:

Duplicating Blocks

Follow these steps to duplicate a block:

  • Select a block you want to duplicate by clicking on it:

  • Click Duplicate in the bottom toolbar that appears:

  • The duplicated block will immediately appear below its original counterpart:

Deleting Blocks

Follow these steps to delete a block:

  • Select a block you want to delete by clicking on it:

  • Click Delete in the bottom toolbar that appears:

  • The block will immediately disappear: