Blocks Layout and Background Settings in Mobile Editor

Follow these steps to modify the Layout and Background (Design) of a block in the Mobile Editor:

Layout Settings

The Layout toolbar allows you to make the block flexible and divide it into parts (columns).

  1. To modify the layout, click on the block:

  • Click the Layout button in the bottom toolbar:

Columns Amount

  • Adjust the range selector to set the number of columns - the block will be divided into the same number of parts:

Align Vertically

Select to align elements of the layout vertically (maps, buttons, text, and header elements) inside the block:

In other words, you can select the Align Vertically control to place the elements into the center of the block.

Fluid Container

Enable the toggle to control block width size and create the fluid container:

Full Height

  • Enable the toggle to expand a block to the full height of a viewport:

  • To save your changes, click the Done button.

Background Settings

The Background toolbar allows you to adjust the Background Color, set Background Photo from a file manager, and set the VideoMap, or Slider feature as a background of the block.

  • To modify the block design (background), click on the block:

  • Click the Background button in the bottom toolbar:

Background Photo

  • Click theBackground Photoplaceholder to open the Upload Imagedialog and locate the image on your smartphone:

  • Choose the image in the Dialog frame:

  • After selecting a photo, click the Select button:

  • or click inside the Upload button at the bottom to open the Upload from Your Smartphone dialog and select the image to upload:

  • If you click the Cancel button, you can choose a new image by clicking Add Photo:

Background Video 

You can set a video as a background of a block:

  • Click the Video button to see the options:

  • Add your link to the video:

Link to video provides the ability to paste videos from YouTubeVimeo, and Dailymotion (link example:

To add the Opacity

  • Drag the slider to set the opacity level for the background video:

Background Slider

You can set a slider as the background of a block:

  • The Slider button allows you to set up and edit a Background Slider:

Background Map

  • You can specify your location on a map as the background of a block:

  • To save your changes, click the Done button: