AI Onboarding, Site Refresh, and AI Writer

AI Builder is a quick way to get online with generated content and a customized template in minutes.

Creating a Site With AI Builder

  • Сlick Add Draft from My Sites.

  • Сhoose how you want to create your site: With AI Builder or With a Template (Site Wizard).  

  • Select Generate Website to proceed:

Customizing Template With AI Builder

For the next step, you need to answer three simple questions to build a customized website with AI:

  • Outline the subject of your site. Click Enter to proceed:

  • Enter the title of your site or company name, and click Enter:

  • Add the information about your project, and tell what's making it unique. Click Enter:

Please Note: If you want to edit your answer(s), click Edit (Pencil icon). Once finished editing, click Enter.

  • If you are ready to create a site, click the Presto, ready to generate your site button:

  • The Building your website screen will appear. Please wait a moment to proceed with your project in the Site Editor:

  • If you want to change your answers, select Start Over:

Editing the Website Generated With AI Builder

  • You can edit your site generated with AI Builder in the Site Editor. Add the information, replace photos, and add new Blocks and Features.
  • If you want to change the template, click Refresh Content (Stars icon).

Please Note: Refresh Content feature is only available before the site is published and any manual changes are made. 

Follow these steps to restore the previous template:

  • Hover over the Site Backups, and select the last Theme:

  • Click Restore Backup, and confirm your action:

Editing the Text Generated With AI Builder

Follow these steps to re-generate the text created with AI Builder:

  • Select the text you want to change to display the editing menu:

  • Click the AI Writer button in the editing menu:

  • Enter the Post Topic to generate a new text:

  • Click Write My Idea:

  • The new text will be generated immediately:

Additionally, you can set the Optional settings for AI Writer.

Click Optional, and in the appeared drop-down, you will be able to:

  • Select the preferred language for a text:

  • Enter the required keywords:

  • Select the tone: