My Sites

The My Sites section of the Account Manager represents currently created projects and published websites and contains the following sections:

  • Published Site: Contains published website and additional Site Information (domain name, SSL, and DNS information). 

Please Note: There is a limit of one published website per subscription.

  • Drafts: Contains Projects – website prototypes created from a template. 
  • (Optional) Deleted: Contains deleted projects. 

Please Note: You can restore deleted projects within 5 days after deletion. Afterward, they will be deleted permanently.

When a project is published, it appears in the Published Site section. Click the domain name on the right to open your site in a new tab:

In the Site Information, click Manage next to the domain name to assign/unassign domain names:

The SSL section indicates if an SSL Certificate is installed for the domain. Click Manage next to the SSL Information to configure your SSL:

Select View next to DNS to access the domain DNS Information:

To enter the editor mode, you need to click the Edit Site or Edit Draft button:

Available Actions

All projects have a set of actions. Depending on the publish status of a project, available options may vary.

Unpublish - unpublish the published site. Available only for published sites. Unpublished project options contain:

  • Publish – opens a pop-up with domain selection and publish confirmation.
  • Rename – opens a Site Name pop-up to rename the project.
  • Duplicate – duplicates the selected project. The duplicated project will be unpublished by default.
  • Delete – deletes the project.

A published site will not contain the Delete option. This option will become available only after you unpublish your site. 

The published site will also have the Unpublish option. After unpublishing, the project will be moved to the Drafts section.

Restoring Deleted Project

  • Open the Deleted Sites section.
  • Select the project you want to restore, and click Restore.
  • If your plan allows you to add one more project, it will be restored to the Drafts section and available for editing.