Theme: Divider

What is Divider Feature?

You can use the Divider feature to add a horizontal line between other elements on a page. The feature separates and organizes various types of content, categories, or sections on your website, improving the overall user experience.

Divider can be applied to any section or between blocks:

Changing the Divider Style

  • You can access the Divider Settings from the left sidebar of the Site Editor by clicking Theme:

  • Then choose Divider in the menu list:

  • Here you can customize Divider by themesizealignment, and color:

Customizing the Divider Theme

Select the divider preferable design:

As you can see, the style in Editor has changed to Dashed:

Customizing Width

The divider width can be adjusted using the following predefined values:

  • 100%
  • 75%
  • 50%
  • 25%

Some divider themes may adjust their appearance to fit the width for better perception:

Setting the Alignment

You can align the Divider to the leftright, or center of the section:

Specifying Color

Click the square to open the color picker and select the color of the Divider:

How to Reset Divider Settings?

  • To restore the default Divider settings, click the Reset button on the top-right of the Settings menu:

  • Confirm by clicking Yes on the popup:

Theme Divider Setting

Theme Divider Setting is configured for all dividers on your website. The themesizealignment, and color settings are global and will be applied to all dividers on your website:

Divider Settings

You can modify settings for a single divider in its toolbar. Following that, the divider settings will no longer be affected by the global divider settings in the Theme menu: