Blog Post Preview

Follow these steps to set up the Post View Settings:

  • Navigate to Pages in the left sidebar:

  • Hover over the page and click the Settings icon that appears next to the name of the page:

Posts Preview

Navigate to the Posts Preview to switch between posts.

Please Note: The Post Preview and Cover Photo features work only with Grid or List Blog Page Settings.


  • Choose Format from the drop-down menu. The style is set as Standard by default:

  • A Hero image is a large main photo pinned to the top of the page. Hero images help to make an impactful first impression, optimize visual hierarchy, and add personalization to your Blog page:

Please Note: When the Hero option is selected, Banner Height settings appear.

Banner Height

  • By choosing the Hero format, you can select Tall, Medium, or Short banner height. The height is set as Medium by default:

Post Width

  • Choose the Standard, Narrow or Wide post width from the drop-down menu. The width is set as Standard by default:

Meta Settings & Style

  • If you want to display Meta information, turn the switch on:

  • Select the Meta style from the drop-down menu: Standard, Compact or Bottom. The style is set as Standard by default:

Alignment Settings

  • Select the Left, Center or Right alignment from the drop-down menu. The alignment is set to the Left by default:

Social Sharing

  • Enable the Social Sharing option for your blog posts by turning on the switch:


Please Note: These settings allow customers to turn on Comments globally, but you can manage Comments settings separately for each Blog Post in Blog Post Editor Sidebar .

Allow users to comment on your posts by turning on the switch. Facebook comments are enabled by default, but you can choose a different service from the drop-down menu:

  • Define the maximum number of comments users can leave:

  • Use the Sort By option to sort comments on the page:

Post Navigation

If you want to display Post Navigation under the posts, turn the switch on: