Blog Post Editor Toolbar

Once you start typing, a Toolbar will appear at the bottom of the page.

Adding Heading

  • Click the H button on the toolbar to add a Heading:

  • You can use the AI Writer tool to generate personalized content based on your requests.

Adding Text

  • Click the Aa button on the toolbar to add text:

Adding Image

  • Click the Image icon on the toolbar to add a photo:

  • In the Image Library, select Upload Image:

  • Click Select a Photo to locate an image on your computer. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the image:

Use Free Stock Photos to search for royalty-free images:

  • Open the Image Library and click the Search Stock Photos button.
  • Click Edit to modify the photo, or click Use Image to add it to your post. You can also click on an image to edit it.

  • You can also replace the image, or link it to a web page, file, email address, or phone number.

  • Add a Color Overlay to your image and change the overlay color.

  • Choose the desired image size by selecting Default, Wide or Full:

  • Use Settings to add a caption and enable On Click Enlarge to let visitors view the full-size image: 

  • Hover over the image to move, duplicate, or delete it:

Adding Video

  • Add a video by selecting the Video button on the toolbar:

  • You can edit a video by clicking on it.
  • Choose the desired video size by selecting Default or Wide:

  • Use Settings tab to customize the video:
    • Video Link: Replace the sample link with your YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion video URL.
    • Autoplay: Select to start the video automatically when the page loads. If Autoplay is disabled, visitors must click the video to start it. 
    • Allow Full Window: Leave selected to allow full-screen viewing. Deselect to retain the placeholder size.

  • Use the Design tab to choose the color of the progress bar and video preview image.

Adding Lists

  • Add the Unordered List or Ordered List to your text:

  • Modify the List style, bullet color, and offset using the toolbar options:

Adding Blockquote

  • Add and modify the Blockquote using the toolbar settings:

Adding Divider

  • Add the Divider (horizontal line) between other features on the page:

  • Use the toolbar to modify the Divider by clicking on it:

Adding Spacer

  • Add and modify the Spacer using the toolbar settings: