Hide a Page

Pages are visible in the Navigation Menu by default. To hide a page from the Navigation Menu:

  • Hover over the left sidebar of the Site Editor and select Pages:

  • Hover over the page and click the Settings icon that appears next to the name of the page:

  • Navigate to the Pages tab, and click the Hide Page button:

  • The page will no longer be displayed in the Navigation Menu:

Please Note:The only difference between a hidden page and a visible one is that the hidden page is not displayed in the Navigation Menu. 

However, you can add a link to a hidden page that will open when you click the link.

The hidden page will be added to the Hidden section at the bottom of the Pages panel:

You can also hide a page with Drag & Drop if at least one other page is hidden:

  • Select the page you want to hide in the Menu section of the Pages panel.
  • Drag and drop the page to the Hidden section.