Online Store Discounts help you manage discount and promo codes in your Online Store. 

Note: To be able to use Discounts you need to activate your Store first.

How to Manage Your Discounts

1. Open a project containing a Store.

2. Select Store in the left-hand sidebar of the Site Editor:

3. Click on the Discounts button:
4. Click Add to create a new Coupon:
In the new popup you can see the following fields: 

1. Discount Code: Here you can generate a code or enter your personal Discount Code.
2. Discount: Dropdown list where you can choose a discount option (Discount, Free Shipping, Free Shipping + Discount).
3. Modifier: Choose the type of discount (fixed price or percentage).
4. Amount: Numeric field where you enter the size of the discount.
Note: Percentage cannot be more than 100%.
5. Start Date and End Date: Date fields where you can determine the time period during which the Discount Code is valid.
Note: The End Date can only be entered if the toggle is switched on.
6.  Number of Uses: Dropdown list where you can select one of the Discount Coupon usage options:
  • Unlimited — customers can apply the code numerous times.
  • Once per Customer — each customer can apply the coupon only once with the same email at checkout. The same person will be able to use the code several times if they provide different email addresses for each order at checkout.
  • Single Use — the coupon will expire as soon as a customer places an order with this code. You can use these coupons for making special personalized offers to your customers.
Click Save: Now your Coupon is created and can be used:

Click All Coupons to see a list of all your Discount  Coupons:

How to Use Discounts

1. Open Online Store:

2. Choose a product and click Buy Now:
When a product is added to the Cart, open it to complete the checkout.
Enter your Discount Code into the Coupon Code field and click Apply: