Online Store Discounts

Online Store Discounts help you managing discount and promo codes in your Online Store. 

Note: To be able to use Discounts you need to activate your Store first.

How to manage your Discounts: 
1. Open a project containing a Store.
2. Select Store in the left-hand sidebar of the Site Editor:

3. Click Discounts tab:
4. Click Add to create a new Coupon:
In the new popup you can see the following fields: 
1. Discount Code: Here you can generate a code or enter your personal Discount Code.
2. Discount: Dropdown list where you can choose a Discount option (Discount, Free Shipping, Free Shipping + Discount).
3. Modifier: Choose the type of discount (fixed price or percentage).
4. Amount: Numeric field where you enter the size of the discount.
Note: Percentage cannot be more than 100%.
5. Start Date and End Date: Date fields where you can determine the time period during which the Discount Code is valid.
Note: The End Date can only be entered if the toggle is switched on.
Click Save: Now your coupon is created and can be used:
Click All Coupons to see a list of all your Discounts:

How to Use Discounts

1. Open Online Store:

2. Choose a product and click Buy Now:
When a product is added to the Cart open it to complete the Checkout.
Enter your Discount Code into the Coupon Code field and click Apply: