Online Store Products

In the Products area, you can manage categories and products:

The following actions are available in the Products area:

  • Add new products
  • Manage existing categories
  • Perform bulk actions with all products
Once you have selected to add a product you will see a popup with all data related to the product that should be filled.
Specify the name, description, SKU, price of a product, add product variants and photos to help the customers better understand the product.
Save the product once you have added all the necessary product details and a relevant image:

In add/edit popup you can enable “Stock Control” functionality to control the availability of Online Store products and specify the number of products in stock.

Product availability can be set to Visible or Hidden. When hidden, a product can't be seen in the Online Store by visitors. Set visible for the product to be displayed in the Online Store:

You can enable “Require shipping” for the products that need to be shipped. When “Require shipping” is enabled you can set the size and weight of your product, if necessary:

In the “Photo” tab you can add a photo that will present your product in a store. The first added photo will set as primary, but you can easily switch it by pressing the button "Make Primary" on another added photo:

Managing categories allows you to separate products into different categories and display them in different views:

View all products button will raise a popup that allows you to call previously described actions with adding or editing products and also to perform bulk actions like delete/enable/disable all selected products.