Modify Settings of a Block

To modify the layout and design of a block, hover over it with the mouse cursor and click the Settings icon in the right-hand floating sidebar:


  • COLUMNS AMOUNT: Drag to set the number of columns:

  • ALIGN VERTICALLY: Select to vertically align elements of the layout (maps, buttons, text, and header elements) inside the block:

In other words, select the ALIGN VERTICALLY control to place the elements into the center of the block:



  • Drag and drop the new background image into the BACKGROUND PHOTO box. You will immediately see the new background:

Alternatively, click the BACKGROUND PHOTO box to open the Upload Image dialog and locate the image on your machine:

  • Drag and drop the image into the DRAG & DROP frame
  • Or click inside the DRAG & DROP frame to open the Upload from Your Computer dialog and select the image to upload: