Modifying Block Settings

To modify the layout and design of a block, hover over the block, and click the Settings button in the top-right sidebar:

Layout Tab

  • Columns Amount: adjust the range selector to set the number of columns; the block will be divided into the same number of parts:

  • Align Vertically: select to align elements of the layout vertically (maps, buttons, text, and header elements) inside the block:

In other words, select the Align Vertically control to place the elements into the center of the block:

  • Fluid Container: enable the toggle to control block width size and create the fluid container:

  • Full Height: enable the toggle to expand a block to the full height of a viewport:

To add the Background Photo:

  • Drag and drop the background image into the Background Photo placeholder. 
  • The new background will immediately appear:

Alternatively, click the Background Photo placeholder to open the Upload Image dialog and locate the image on your computer:

  • Click the image area to open the Upload Image dialog:
  • In the Image Library, select Upload Image:

  • Click Select a Photo to locate an image on your computer:

Also, you can use Free Stock Photos:

  • Open the Image Library and click the Search Stock Photos button. 
  • You can search for photos using the search input at the top of the page.
  • Select the photo, then click Edit to modify it according to your preferences. Or click Use Image to add the photo to your project.