Adding Panel

Panel can be placed into different blocks of a page via Drag & Drop.

1. In the Site Editor, hover over the left sidebar and click Build:

2. Under the Features section, click Layout:

3. Drag and drop the Panel to the preferred area of the page:

Customizing a Panel

Hover over a  Panel to display the Edit button in its top right-hand corner and be able to modify the item:

Background: click the  Colour square to select the background color. Drag the background slider to choose the transparency level.

Background Photo:

  • drag and drop the background image onto the Add Photo placeholder:

Alternatively, click the  Add Photo placeholder to open the Upload Image dialog and locate the image on your computer:

  • drag and drop the image into the Drag & Drop frame
  • or click inside the Drag & Drop frame to open the Upload from Your Computer dialog or choose one from Free Photos and select the image to upload:

Designing a Panel

Hover over a  Panel to display the Edit button in its top right-hand corner and modify the panel. Choose Design: 

1. Pick a color of the Border and click Apply:

2. Select a range of the  Border:

3. Then choose a range of  Radius:

4. Pick a Color for the Shadow, click Apply and choose a Range of Shadow:

5. And the last step to design a perfect Panel is adding  Hover effects. Turn on the Hover Effects toggle button to display the panning effect when you hover over the panel (sliding up, sliding down, sliding left, sliding right, zoom in, zoom out, transparency):

Congratulations, you've created and designed your panel.