How to Manage Logo

One of the main parts of the website is the logo. It gives an additional impact to the site viewers’ perspective. A website viewer is able to know what your website is all about through the logo of your website. For example, if it is a coffee shop, the site viewer can definitely know that it is a coffee shop through the logo itself, especially if the name of the business doesn’t have a cafe or coffee word on it.

In every website template you choose, there is a default logo provided already. That default logo gives you an option to edit it. Once you are inside the Site Editor, just click the default logo, then click Edit once you see it. Afterward, the Logo pop-up box will show on the right side of the site page. All types of updates and editing for your site logo can only be done inside the Logo pop-up box. You can change the type of logo that you would like to see on your website: either Image or Text type.

If you choose the Image type for the logo, it will give you an option to upload your own logo image for your website. Hover your mouse over the default logo, click Upload once it shows. Drag and drop the image into the DRAG & DROP frame or click inside the DRAG & DROP frame to open the Upload from Your Computer dialog and select an image to upload. Alternatively, you can choose images from a Cloud or from our collection of Free Photos.

If you want to crop the image logo for your site, just click on the Crop sign in its upper right-hand corner under the Image section of the Logo Editor. Use the resize mode to change the position and scaling of your image inside the logo area:

On the other hand, if you choose the Text type of the site logo, you can simply edit the name of the logo under the Name section and change its Font, Font Size, Style, and Format. Any changes you’ll do in Logo Editor will automatically take effect on the website page.