Adding Links to Your Site

You can link body text and headings, buttons and images to pages on the site you are building, external pages, files, emails, and phone numbers in the Site Editor:

Take a look at the screenshots below to learn how to add links to:

  • Body text and headings:

  • Buttons:

  • And images:

You can choose to link any of these elements (images, buttons, body text, and headings) to a Page, URL, File, Email, or Phone. 

Learn more about each of the LINK TO options.


  • Page: select to link the entity to a page on the site you are building:

  • URL: select to link the entity to an external page of your choice:

  • FILE: select this option to link the entity to a file that you can upload by clicking inside the FILE field and dragging and dropping your file into the UPLOAD dialog that appears, then click the SELECT button that appears at the bottom of the dialog.

The selected file will be downloaded when visitors click the feature it is linked to (button, text, or heading element) on the live website.

Permitted file types :

  • Images: 'jpg', 'jpe', 'jpeg', 'png', 'gif', 'bmp', 'svg', 'tiff'. Max File Size: 15 MB .
  • Documents: 'css', 'html', 'htm', 'xml', 'doc', 'docx', 'pdf', 'otf', 'rtf', 'xls', 'eps', 'zip', 'gzip', 'csv', 'ppt', 'pptx', 'odt', 'ods', 'odp', 'odf', 'odc', 'xlsx', 'txt', 'js', 'sketch', 'ai', 'psd', 'psb', 'cdr', 'cad', 'max', 'obj', 'rar', '7z', 'tar', 'tar.gz', 'bz2', 'stl', 'fbx', 'vrml' .odt, .odp, .ods, .odg, .odf, .sxw, .sxi, .sxc, .sxd, .stw .dwg, .dwt, .dxf, .dwf, .dst. Max File Size: 25 MB .

All the documents and images you upload for the site are stored in the project specific folder. Switch to the DOCUMENTS tab of the UPLOAD dialog to access all the images and documents uploaded for the project.

You can select a previously uploaded file and link it to the selected entity.

TIP: You can access all the files uploaded for all the Site Editor's sites/projects you've been working on from DASHBOARD > FILES:

To delete a file from the project folder, open the folder from DASHBOARD > FILES, locate the file to delete, hover over it with the mouse cursor and click the Delete [x] button that appears in the top right-hand corner of the image:

Email: Specify the email address the emails will be sent to:

When a visitor clicks the entity (text, header, or button) on your live site, a new empty message opens up with the mailto address field prefilled with the email address specified here. The Email client installed on the visitor's computer, such as Outlook, will be used. If the visitor has no Email client installed, the browser will try to open a web-based email service set up in the user browser settings.

Phone: Specify the phone number to call when the entity is clicked. The browser will try to call the number using one of the available web-based or desktop calling services or applications, such as Skype or Viber, depending on the browser settings. If the entity (text, header, or button) is clicked on a cell phone, the visitor will be redirected to the Phone application. The specified number will be prefilled in the Phone Number field.

You can also add navigation links to the Navigation Menu:

  1. Click PAGES in the left-hand sidebar in Site Editor:

  2. Click ADD next to PAGES:

  3. Click LINK under PAGES:

  4. Type the name of the link to appear in the Navigation Menu into the NAME field and paste the link to the page (on the site you are building or an external one) into the LINK field below:OPEN IN NEW TAB: Select to open the link in a new tab.