Please Note:  Product Page Settings are not in scope for every eCom implementation. Depending on the version of the eCom subscription, you may not have access to this functionality.

Open View Settings

Follow these simple steps to open  View Settings for Product:

  • In the Site Editor, hover over the left sidebar and click Pages:

  • Find Storeselect Product, and click the Settings icon on the right:

  • Manage View Page settings on the View tab:

View Settings Description

  • Product Name. Shows information from product details.

  • Badges. Add  Labels with additional information about the product. They are set automatically depending on settings.
  1. On Sale
  2. Few Left
  3. Out Of Stock
  4. Digital

  • SKU. Shows information from product details.

  • Price. Shows information from product details. This option cannot be disabled.

Please Note: If the product is on Sale, its price changes, the relevant information, and badge are displayed.

  • Button. A button that adds a product to cart or opens the cart with the product (based on settings). This option cannot be disabled.

  • The fulfillment type is automatically taken from your Store and substituted under the payment button.

Quantity is automatically placed above the buy button. Hover over the arrows to control the number of products added to the cart.

If there are no goods left, the button is hidden, and the tag Sold Out placed (always first if there is no Sale tag).

  • Description. Shows information from product details.

  • Share Buttons. Adds three buttons to share the product page:
  1. Share via Facebook.
  2. Share via Pinterest.
  3. Copy link.


Move toggles, and according to toggle position, information on the product page would change its placement.

Left sidebar toggles can be sorted by up and down (similar to how you can arrange pages).

The drag works within its column (the images cannot be moved or turned off), and you can change the placement of the elements within the block according to the specified parameters.

If you choose 2 columns, you can move all toggles.

  • 2 Columns. The column contains all options.

  • 2 Columns & Description. First Column contains all options, except the description.

  • 2 Columns - Reverse. The column contains all options.

  • 3 Columns

The first column contains:

  • Product name
  • Badges
  • SKU
  • Description

The second column contains:

  • Price
  • Button
  • Share buttons