Sharing Buttons

What are Sharing Buttons?

Sharing Buttons can be added to a page so users can share a page or publication on their social media accounts.

Adding Sharing Buttons

The  Sharing Buttons feature can be placed into different blocks of a page via  Drag & Drop. To add the feature:
  • In the Site Editor, hover over the left sidebar and click Build:

  • Drag the Sharing Buttons from the Features Library and drop it to the preferred area of the page:

Customizing Sharing Buttons

Hover over  Sharing Buttons to display the  Edit button in its top-right and be able to modify the item:

You can modify the  Layout and  Design of the  Sharing Buttons:

Layout Tab

The Layout tab of the Settings dialog allows you to add, edit or delete social network sharing buttons and rearrange them with  Drag & Drop:

Adding a Network

Add a social network to the  Sharing Buttons feature: click  Add Social Network on the  Layout tab of the  Settings dialog:

In the Add Social Network pop-up, click the social button you would like to add:

The selected button will immediately appear on the website page and on the social networks list in the Layout tab:

Deleting a Network

Delete a network from the  Sharing Buttons feature: hover on any social network on the  Layout tab of the Settings dialog and click  [X]:

Rearranging the Social Buttons

Drag & Drop social network buttons in the Layout tab of the Settings dialog to rearrange them:

Design Tab

The  Design tab of the Settings dialog allows you to change:
  • Style
  • Сlick action
  • Adaptive button change

Style (button shape):

  • Rounded:

  • Square:

  • Circle:

On click (click action):

  • Share this page (link to the current page)
  • Share this site (link to the home page of this site)

Adaptive (choice of responsive behavior on different screen sizes):  

  • Collapse last buttons
  • Collapse first buttons
  • Collapse equal