How to Complement Website Builder with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Analytics in Website Builder is based on user engagement. According to the GDPR, visitors are tracked only upon consent. Therefore, Website Builder Analytics reflects data about visitors who accepted both essential cookies and analytics in cookies settings (and not all website visitors):

We suggest complementing Website Builder engagement data through Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to receive greater insights into how users engage with the website. This process requires the website owner to create a Google Analytics account. This must occur outside of Website Builder (a Google account is required). 

The process of creating a Google Analytics 4 account and connecting it to aWebsite Builderproject is very simple:

  • Create a Google Analytics Account. If you use Gmail, you may already have a Google account, but we recommend creating one specifically for your business.
  • Log in to Google Analytics. Once a Google account is created, go to A new Google Analytics account can be created there.
  • Give a name to the account (we recommend the business name):

  • Name the website that will be tracked:

  • Choose a category (healthcare, beauty, and fitness, etc.) and select what data should be shared with Google:

  • Choose your business objectives:

Please Note: The more information is shared with Google, the more new features for reporting can be developed.

  • Agree to the terms of service:

  • Proceed to Admin settings:

  • Select Data Streams:

  • Copy the Tracking ID code:

Now that Google Analytics account is created it needs to be connected to the project in the Site Builder:

  • Open the Settings tab of the Website Builder:

  • Select Google Services tab:

  • Choose Google Analytics and click Connect:

  • Click Connect button:

  • Paste the Tracking ID code and click Save button:

  • Republish the website:

  • Real-time insights into website engagement data can be viewed at the Google Analytics Dashboard:

Please Note: It may take some time for Google Analytics 4 to be configured and start displaying the data.