Product Feature in Mobile Editor

The Product Feature allows you to add a product card to any page of your project except the Store page. Follow these steps to enable the feature:

  • In Features, navigate to the Online Store section, drag Product and drop it to the preferred area:

Please Note: There's a limit of 25 Product Features per page. If you need to add more products per page, please use the Catalog Feature.

  • Click on the Product Feature and click Edit to modify the Product Settings:

Modifying the View Tab

Product Picker

  • Click the Select button to open the pop-up and select a product to display:

Image Aspect Ratio

  • Choose the image aspect ratio from the drop-down:


Configure the data on the product cards by turning on/off the following switches:

  • Banner. Turn on the Banner toggle to enable the Banner for the product.
  • Badges. Turn on the Badges toggle to enable the On Sale, Sold Out, Few Left, and Digital badges for your Online Store.
  1. On Sale. If the product is on Sale, its price changes, and the relevant information and badge are displayed.
  2. Sold Out. If no items are left, the Add to Cart button will be hidden, and the Sold Out badge will be placed first (if there is no On Sale badge).
  3. Few Left. The Few Left badge automatically shows when less than ten items are in stock.
  4. Digital. You can set this badge to show that the product is digital and that there are no shipping options.
  • Product Name. The information will be displayed from the Ecomdash dashboard.
  • SKU. This will load in your SKU set from the Product Details screen. If you want to track this under a different ID, you can change it in the Ecomdash dashboard.
  • Price. The information will be displayed from the Ecomdash dashboard. 
  • Excerpt (short description of the product). The information will be displayed from the Ecomdash dashboard.


The Button settings include several options:

  • Toggle to Show/Hide Button. Turn on the toggle to show the Button on a product card. Turn off the toggle to disable the Button and remove it from the card:

  • Button Text. Specify the text that will appear on the Button:

  • Full-Width. Turn on the toggle to stretch the Button for the entire available width of the card:

  • On Click Event. Choose the following action from the drop-down: Buy Now, Add to Cart, Open Product Page.
  1. Buy Now: Opens a cart with added products.
  2. Add to Cart: Adds a product to cart.
  3. Open Product Page: Opens the Product Page with details.

Please Note: Clicking on a card (for example, on a photo) will open the Product Page.

Modifying the Design Tab

  • Background. Set the background color of the product card by clicking the Color square on the right:

  • Border. Change the value in the Slide Control to set the border width, and select the color by clicking the Color square on the right to Slide Control:

Please Note: If the value on the Slider Control is set to zero, the Border feature is disabled.

  • Hover Effects. Hover Effects add dynamic visual effects to the website. It helps to create more engaging and modern experiences for visitors. Enable the toggle, and choose among the following options:
  1. Show Additional Images
  2. Highlight Border
  3. Highlight Background
  4. Highlight Shadow