Adding Button

Button can be placed into different blocks of a page via Drag & Drop.

1. In the Site Editor, hover over the left sidebar and click Build:

2. Find the Button in features:

3. Drag and drop the  Photo to the preferred area of the page:

Customizing a Button

Click a Button to display the editing menu:

and be able to:

  • make the button text bold or italic, capitalize it, make it UPPERCASE or small caps:

  • select font for the button text:

  • set font size and letter-spacing:

  • align the button to the left or to the right, or place the button in the center of the placeholder:

  • link the button to a page on the site you are building, an external URL, a file, an email address, or a phone number:

  • select the type of the button: primary (color) solid, secondary (color) solid, primary (color) outline, secondary (color) outline, or link:

  • switch Hover effects toggle to apply the effect when you hover the mouse cursor over the button (fade out, swipe, scale, color, style, doors):

  • switch Full-Width toggle on to stretch the button across the entire width of the column:

  • to change the size of the button hover on it, click, and drag to the desired size:

  • when selecting the button type as Link, the Full-Width option is deactivated: