Customizing a Gallery

Rearrange your photos by simple drag-and-drop! 

To remove a photo from the gallery, hover over it and click [x] that appears in its top right-hand corner:

To add an image to a Gallery:

  • Drag-and-drop it into the Gallery:

To modify LAYOUT and DESIGN of the gallery:

  • Hover over a gallery to display the Edit button in its top right-hand corner, then click the Edit button.

GRID type:



  • PHOTO SPACING: Drag to increase or decrease the spacing between the images:

  • PHOTO SIZE: Drag to increase or decrease the size of images in the Gallery. The selected photo size number determines the number of pictures in a row:

ADD PHOTO: Click to open the Upload Image dialog and:

  • Find the image on your computer
  • Drag-and-drop the image into the DRAG & DROP frame
  • Or click inside the DRAG & DROP frame to open the Upload from Your Computer dialog and select the image to upload:


  • ASPECT RATIO: Select the width-to-height ratio for the image placeholders in the Gallery:

  • ON CLICK ENLARGE: When clicking on the image on the published site, visitors will be able to view it in full size:

It's also possible to rearrange images in the Gallery with drag-and-drop: