Site Editor offers a collection of ready-made Banners. Select a template Banner block, drag it from the library, drop it onto an available placeholder and then configure it to suit your needs:

To select a Banner block for your site:

  • Hover over the left sidebar of the Site Editor and select Build:

  • Switch to the Blocks tab and click Banner at the top of the list.
  • Select the Banner template:

  • Drag and drop the selected Banner block onto an available placeholder:

You can now resize the Banner block according to your needs.

To resize a Banner:

  • Hover over a Banner to display the resizing control at the bottom of the block:

  • Click the resizing control, then drag it upwards or downwards to modify the Cover height. The resizing control displays the padding height on either side of the block, upper or lower. 
  • Drop the resizing control to save the change and stop resizing.

To change the Banner Settings:

  • Hover over the Banner and click the Settings icon in the floating right sidebar that appears:

The Layout tab allows to:

  • Set the number of columns;

  • Align the layout elements vertically;

  • Stretch content to full-screen width with the Fluid Container.

  • Enable the toggle to display section in 100vh Full Height:

The Background tab allows you to:

  • Upload the background photo or video for the Footer;
  • Change the background color of the Footer;
  • Add effects.

  • Drag and drop the background image into the Background Photo placeholder. 

  • The new background will immediately appear:

Alternatively, click the Background Photo placeholder to open the Upload Image dialog and locate the image on your computer:

  • Click the image area to open the Upload Image dialog:
  • In the Image Library, select Upload Image:

Please Note: Your interface for image upload may differ if your plan doesn't include the Image Editor functionality.

  • Click Select a Photo to locate an image on your computer:

Also, you can use Free Stock Photos :

  • Open the Image Library and click the Search Stock Photos button. 
  • You can search for photos using the search input at the top of the page.
  • Select the photo, then click Edit to modify it according to your preferences. Or click Use Image to add the photo to your project.

Overlay: Open the color picker and select the overlay color; then drag the control to set the opacity level for the BackgroundPhoto:

To add Effects, turn the switch on to enable the image effects:

  • Parallax
  • Fixed
  • Animate

Please Note: Effects can only be applied if an image has been added as a block background.

Parallax is a change in the apparent position of an object to the distant background, depending on the location of the observer:

Fixed is a static background effect when scrolling:

Animate background effect:

To change the Background Color

  • Click the square of the Background Color to open the color picker and select the color.
  • Select Apply to save the change and close the color picker.

Select text inside any text or header element to display the editing menu and be able to modify the item: