Online Store Settings

Store Information 

Store Information tab of the Store Settings contains the following fields:

  • Store name
  • Store Email
  • Contact phone
  • Product type (physical, E-goods)

Store business address can be added by clicking on the Add Address button:

Regional Settings

In Regional Settings, you can choose any official currency you want to accept, value display format, and any time zone depending on your store location. 
The unit system can also be set according to your needs. Possible values are available in dropdowns for each setting.


This tab displays all enabled payment methods. Phone order is enabled by default.
Click on the Manage link in the upper right corner of the sidebar to add a new payment method or adjust existing ones.
You can select PayPal, Manual methods such as Wire transfer or Cash on delivery, or connect your existing payment gateway among the available list.


Shipping origin inherits your store address by default, however, you may change it by setting your warehouse address or another address of your choice. To add shipping methods use the “Add” button in the top right corner of the sidebar.

You can use basic in-store pick-up, set up custom shipping rates, or connect worldwide shipping providers to calculate rates and track delivery:

Once selected a shipper - you will need to set it up and use an internal shipper account or connect your existing account.
Since enabled - shipping will be included in your checkout process according to settings.


In the Notifications settings, you can set the email addresses for a customer notification by clicking on the Email Addresses section. You can also add an email logo by clicking on the logo area.