Site Wizard

The Site Wizard is a simple step-by-step solution that allows you to configure the basic website settings, theme selection, and a template based on suggested options for you.

Creating a Site Using the Site Wizard

Click Add Draft from the Websites section:

Сhoose how you want to create your site:

  1. With AI Builder. By answering 3 simple questions, our AI Builder will create a beautiful, customizable website in as little as one minute.​
  2. With a Template (Site Wizard). We’ll get you to the templates that will best fit your needs.

With Our Help

Select Select Template under the With a Template section to start the Site Wizard path:

Step 1

  • Choose a topic for your website. The most relevant template will be identified for your content.
  • Select Next:

Please Note: When selecting the topic Other, you will go directly to Step 3.

Step 2

  • Select a sub-category to add more details about your business.
  • Select Next:

Step 3

  • A set of templates based on your information will appear in the Recommended section. The number can vary. You can use the Back arrow to change the category and sub-category. Also, you can choose a template from the Other section at the bottom or other tabs in the Gallery of Templates. To start editing, click on the preferred template: 

  • A template preview with personalized info will appear. Here you can review information, set up general Fonts and Colors, and edit or add your Logo. To move to the next steps, click Start Building on the top right.

  • You will be presented with the Onboarding Tour. Click Next to proceed with Onboarding spet-by-step or click [X] to hide Onboarding:

  • Start editing your website, and click Publish when it’s ready to go live:

With AI Builder

To create a website with AI Builder, click the Generate Website button:

Please refer to the AI Onboarding article to learn more about the AI Builder site generation.