Customizing a Form

Hover over a Form to display the Edit button in its top-right to be able to modify the LayoutSettings, and Advanced tabs:


You can modify the Layout tab by adding or deleting the fields, changing their order via drag & drop, and editing the contents.

  • Click Add the Form Field to add a new placeholder:

  • Select a field among such variants: Text, Text Area, Select, Radio, Full Name, Subject, Address, Email, Phone, Facebook, X (Twitter), Link, Date, Number, or Currency:

  • The chosen field will appear on your Contact Form right away:

  • Click Edit to customize a field: change a TitlePlaceholderDescription, and Validation Message.

Please Note: You will be able to add a custom validation message to the following fields:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Link
  • Number
  • Currency

Site visitors will see a validation message when they attempt to add symbols to a field that are not allowed. The following default validation message will be shown if no custom validation message is added: "Please enter a real (field name)."


Change the Form Type, Name, and specify your email address to receive the submitted data in the Settings tab.

  • Modify the Form Type: You can switch between the Contact form and Subscribe form type:

  •  Edit the Form Name.
  •  Add your email address to receive the data collected within the Contact Form. Click the editing button to enter the email and confirm the action by selecting Save:

Please Note: Depending on your subscription (eCommerce EssentialseCommerce Premium, and Business Essentials), contact form information may be saved in Customer Lists within Contact CRM.

You will be able to switch between the Subscriptionand Contactform types. Depending on the chosen Form Type, site visitors' data will be saved in the corresponding list in the Contact CRM: 

The messages submitted in the Contact Form will be available in the Form Inbox section in the Customers tab.

Please be aware of the mapping of the followingContact Formfields to theForm Inboxfields:

  • Contact Form Subject field corresponds to the message subject in the Form Inbox.
  • Contact Form Text Area field corresponds to the "Your message" field in the Form Inbox.

Please Note: Full Name and Email fields are required for the contact info to be saved in the Contact CRM.


In the Advanced tab, you can create a Thank-You message for submitting the form, add a promo code, and modify the Contact Form appearance.

  • Form Layout: Select the display for input fields: 

a. Vertical:

b. Horizontal 

c. Split into two rows.

  • Placeholder: Select to display placeholders such as Enter Name and Enter Email Address inside the form fields:

  • Deselect the items' control to hide placeholders:

Please Note: You can modify the Placeholder text for each field.

On Submit

Here you can edit the Thank-You message for website visitors that submitted the Contact Form:

  • Title: Click inside the field to modify the message's title the visitor will get after submitting the form.
  • Description: Click to modify the message displayed after the visitor submits the form.
  • Promo Code: Add a Promo Code for website visitors after they submit the form:

An example of the Thank-You message for website visitors that will appear after submitting the form: