Customizing a Form

Hover over a Form to display the Edit button in its top right-hand corner and be able to:

  • Modify the Layout: Add or delete fields and change their order via Drag & Drop:

  • Modify the Form Settings: Edit the Form Name and specify the Email address:

  • Modify the Advanced Form Settings:

  1. Title: Click inside the field to modify the Message's Title after the visitor submits the form.
  2. Description: Click inside the field to modify the message displayed after the visitor submits the form.
  3. Promo Code: Add a Promo Code to the contact form to display the promo code for website users.

4. Placeholder: Select to display placeholders (such as Enter Your Name and Enter Your Email Address) inside the form fields. Deselect the items' control to hide placeholders. 

Note: You can modify the Placeholder text for each field.

 5.  Form Layout: Select to display inputs fields (vertical, horizontal, split into two rows).