Adding and Customizing Images

Adding Photo

A photo can be placed into different blocks of a page via   Drag & Drop.

1. In the Site Editor, hover over the left sidebar and click Build:

2. Find the   Photo in features:

3. Drag and drop the   Photo to the preferred area of the page:

Customizing an Image

Click an   Image to display the editing menu:

and be able to:

  • Replace the image:

  • Crop it:

  • Add a link to a page on this site, an external URL, file, email, or phone:

Click the dropdown to expand the editing menu.

  • Add an overlay:

  • Add alt text:

Image Settings

  • Modify settings of the image:

  • Show caption:

  • On click enlarge. Allow visitors to view the Photo in full size when they click it on the live website (dark or light):

  • Hover effects. Activated by hovering the mouse over the picture (zoom, shine, grayscale, sepia, blur):