Features Management in Mobile Editor

A feature is a ready-made layout element, such as Text, Heading, Photo, Video, Button, Icon, Form, Map, or Facebook Like, which you can use to build your custom professionally looking website pages with Site Editor. Follow these steps to manage features in Mobile Editor.

Adding Features

  • Before you choose the feature from the Features Library, select the block to place the feature:

  • You can access the library of ready-made features by clicking Build at the bottom:

  • Select the feature from the Features library:

  • The feature will be added to the top of the selected block:

Please Note: If the block is not selected, the feature will be added to the top of the page.

  • Select a feature to display the Editing Menu that allows you to modify the item:

Moving Features

Follow these steps to move a feature:

  • Select a feature you want to move by clicking on it:

  • Tap and hold the feature you want to move:

  • Hold the feature and start dragging into the new place:

  • Release to drop the feature to a new place:

Resizing Features

You can resize features vertically and horizontally in the Site Editor.

  • To resize a feature vertically, click on the feature:

  • Click the resizing control that appears at the bottom, and drag it upwards or downwards. Drop the control to save changes:

Deleting Features

Follow these steps to delete a feature:

  • Select a feature you want to delete by clicking on it:

  • Click the Delete button (Bin) that appears at the bottom: